Day Ticket RULES


  1.                    No more than three rods to be used at any one time.            

  2. When doubling up in a swim anglers can only use two rods each.

  3. Rods must be attended at all times whilst fishing, you should not be more than 3m away from your rods at any time.

  4. Only Barbed or Micro barbed hooks to be used.

  5. Carp sacks are banned and must not be brought onto the lake, Carp can be retained in a landing net or recovery sling in the water for a maximum of 30 minutes in order to take photos etc. then must be immediately returned to the water. Use of keep nets for other species to be kept to a minimum. Net size minimum 20” x 80” [50cm x 200cm].

  6. All anglers must have in their possession an appropriate sized un-hooking mat.

  7. NO Dogs are permitted on our Day Ticket Complex.

  8. No bright lights to be used at night except head torches. Please keep use to a minimum, please also keep noise to a minimum. No fires on any lake or excessive drinking, any angler deemed incapable of handling fish in a safe manner will be removed. Barbecues are allowed as long as they are off the ground so they do not burn the grass.

  9. All nut baits are banned in the ANY form and must not be brought onto any lake, All seed baits must be boiled. Please use pellets and ground baits in moderation, excessive use can lead to pollution.

  10. Anglers must be in possession of a valid fishing license.

  11. No lead core or Leaders to be used at any time.

  12. Toilet facilities where available should be used and cleaned after use. Please leave clean as you would like to find them.

  13. No litter to be left at any time, please take all litter home with you.

  14. Bait boats are allowed on this lake. Wading is not permitted except for landing fish.

  15. No trees are to be cut or damaged.

  16. All fish must be returned to the water and at no time transferred to any other water. Please report all dead fish to the Fisheries Manager.

  17. No plastic baits or braided mainline.

  18. Minimum line strength 15lb.

Pike fishing

  1. Maximum of three rods at any one time

  2. Minimum 15lb mono or 30lb braid.

  3. Wire traces to be used at all times, minimum 28lb breaking strain.

  4. Minimum trace length 15 inches.

  5. No live baiting.

  6. barbed or semi–barbed snap tackle to be used.

  7. No gags, gaffs or boga grips to be used.

  8. Anglers must carry appropriate unhooking tools i.e. long forceps, long handled wire cutters, long handed pliers, deep throated disgorgers.

    Any person found not to be adhearing to the rules as stated will be removed from the complex.

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